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Background check suspended new SSN

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  • Background check suspended new SSN

    Hi everyone,
    I received my EAD and SSN card in the mail last week,
    I am now trying to apply for a job and was requested to apply for a background check with checkr. However they were unable to trace my SSN and criminal history and my background check is now suspended.
    Did I miss a step somewhere? I triple checked my SSN and entered the right one. Is it too early for me to get a background check ?
    Thank you for your help.

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    Hi, did you manage to get this sorted? If so, I would really appreciate some help. If not, maybe we could work together to resolve this problem. I moved to USA at the start of 2018 and found it extremely difficult to find a job. I was getting interviews just fine and was offered a few jobs which fell through because of my background check not going through.

    I've been working as a DoorDash driver and freelancing for the most part, I did manage to find a job last June that didn't require a background check, but lost the job this June due to Covid-19.


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      Thankfully, when I attended all my job interviews, I didn't have problems with anything like that. Maybe, some companies do it way more properly than others, who knows. I hope that I won't struggle with it on my next interview for a job that I managed to find.
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        Yes, it's very hard to find a good job these days, even with the right education and experience. I personally faced this problem. When I couldn't find a job for a long time, this site helped me a lot


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          First off, congrats on getting your EAD and SSN card, that's awesome news! 🎉🥳 Now, don't stress too much about the background check glitch, it happens sometimes. Double-checking your SSN was a smart move, so no worries there. It might just be that the system needs a bit more time to catch up with your recent SSN activation. Give it a few more days, and if the issue persists, reach out to Checkr or the company you're applying to for some guidance.😉