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L1A - Employer filing for EB3 instead of EB1

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  • L1A - Employer filing for EB3 instead of EB1

    Repost from the Visa forum - sorry, I did not know which category was better fitted.


    I'm currently on a L1A, and been working for this company for almost 9 years (3 years in the US on L1-A, 6 years in Europe) and in total for 13 years, but left high school to work (autodidact, slef made man).
    The company started my GC process a long time ago(went though the part where my job has been opened), but now that I have to sign for the official filing, I realized that they are filing for an EB3 instead of an EB1.
    Their justification is that, depiste my L1-A being renewed a couple of months ago, my role is more of an international project manager than an international manager (no direct reports, just taking care of a project team over different countries).

    I didn't sign the papers for the EB3 yet:

    - Is there concern valid, ie, my EB1 would be refused even though my L1-A has been approved twice?
    - Should I refuse the EB3 and push for EB1 instead?
    - Can they start the EB3 anyway, but then ask for an EB1?

    Thanks for your help!