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Portability of Priority Date -- Looking forward to change Employer

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  • Portability of Priority Date -- Looking forward to change Employer


    I am currently working as a software development contractor(Client-Vendor-MyCompany model) on H1B visa which is about to expire on Sept 30, 2013. My I-94 also has September 30, 2013 as the date.
    I have applied for H1B extension and got an RFE requesting client documentation. The client has not given a letter indicating hr policy rules. I have submitted alternate documentation with a copy of my badge and other proofs authenticating my employment with the client. The decision is still pending and am expecting it to come at the end of this month (done premium processing).

    I have my I-140 approved with a priority date in June 2011 in EB2 category with the current employer

    I want to start searching for a new job in order to be safe even though I am satisfied with my current company.. but,I am being a bit indecisive with GC in mind.. I don't want to loose my priority date..will my priority date still hold good even if I changed to a new company but a different job title and different technology stack (say like 80 percent different on technologies). To keep it simple, will I be able to port my priority date if my new company decides to do the GC immediately or within the next few months?

    If no, then will a same job title work but with a different technology stack (I used to work on sql-related technologies before, now on Java)..

    Please help...