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Refund of Greed card process to employer

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  • Refund of Greed card process to employer

    Hi All,

    My US based employer has put a clause in my offer letter saying that I need stay with them for atleast 1 year after I get the Green card. If I leave the company during the petition period, I need to pay them for the whole process.

    I signed this last year and today I have decided to move on. My labor form 9089 is not filed yet. They have prepared everything (they did advertisement, recruitment and all things) and asking me to sign it so that they can file it. But I have not get back to them because I am leaving this company.

    Is it legal for them to ask for money?

    Kindly help

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    It depends upon the exact language of the contract since you have not yet received the green card.

    But if the contract says you will do something in return for something, you must fulfill that promise or they can come after you for breach of contract.
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