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  • GC Expereince letter information required

    GC Experience letters:
    1. Worked with “Company A” from Oct/01/2009 to Nov/15/2009. After Nov/15/2009 “Company A” send for cancellation of my H1B to USCIS.
    Q: What are the dates that I need to have on my experience letter from “Company A”.
    2. Applied for transfer of H1B to “Company B” with a USCIS with Nov/16/2009 as Receipt date but got an approval on Jan/25/2010. I don’t have any paystubs from Nov/16/2009 to Dec/31/2009. Once I got my approval from “Company B” I have W2 for 2010 from “Company B”.
    Q: In order to get the experience letter what dates I need to have on the experience letter from “Company B”
    (Nov/16/2009 to July/15/2010), But I don’t have any Pay run from Nov/16/2009 to Dec/31/2009. Even though if I get my experience letter from Nov/16/2009 to July/15/2010, Can I say that I started working for “Company B” from 2010 onwards?

    3. After I applied for F1 in 2010 and the notice date is Apr/25/2010 and got an F1 approval on July/15/2010 with a start date of July/14/2010.