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Complicated: E1 / TN --> H1B/H4? --> Greencard

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  • Complicated: E1 / TN --> H1B/H4? --> Greencard

    we desperately need your thoughts on the following situation:

    I, from Germany, hold an E1 visa to work here in the United States for a German company.
    My wife, from Canada, holds a TN visa to work here in the United States for an American company.
    The TN visa for my wife is about to expire due to my wife expecting a child. My company wants to get an H1B for me to get the Green Card process started. However, due to me losing the E1 status on October-1st, my wife would need to move into the H4 visa, which would not allow her to work.

    Process for me: E1 --> H1B --> Green Card
    Process for my wife:
    A) TN --> E1 --> H4 --> Spousal Green Card (major issue: Wife not allowed to work during H4.)
    B) TN --> E1 --> Spousal Green Card (Is this a valid option?)

    1) Could my wife beginning of October just apply for another TN again and return back to work, although in between she was on my E1? What would that mean for my green card process?
    2) Once I have the green card, is my wife automatically also allowed to work or what is the process for her?
    3) How long does the process H1B --> Green Card usually take for Germans?