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Changing lawyer for Green card processing

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  • marcovida77
    Changing lawyer for Green card processing

    Hello. Sure it can be taken care of by someone else ! You receive all updates via letters and that's when you can change who does them

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  • electricfern
    started a topic Changing lawyer for Green card processing

    Changing lawyer for Green card processing

    Hello folks,

    I work for a small physical therapy practice (18 employees and only 5 full time, therapists). Its been 4 years, I am working for this company.

    My employer wants to do a green card for me and she found a lawyer across the country to do the job. I recently renewed by H1B with him and the experience was far from ideal. He made so many mistakes in my family's application that I really wonder how capable he is to do the job of Green card processing. My H1B was done in time, but my family's H4 processing is still pending after 3 weeks of submission. And I paid for premium processing.

    He has been paid $2200 for the 'first step' of the process. This is not very clear to me, what does this first step include. I would like other law firm to take over my application, but some other attorney that my boss consults mentioned that it may not be possible, because he has already started the process.

    Hence,my question is, is this is really true that the the case can not be transferred to another law firm?

    Many thanks in advance.