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Sponsoring for the person already hired

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  • Sponsoring for the person already hired

    I would like to ask you to clear some things for me and advice regarding my situation.
    - I was hired by the university in Oct2012 on h1b
    - they failed with green card processing, the petition wasn't even sent
    - I would like to stay at my current position, instead of seeking new employer that would be willing to sponsor me
    - the current employer would like to sponsor, please help me with the following before I get to serious talks:

    1. is there any way they can file a petition without starting new recruitment process? (for the previous one they did the labor certification, at least they say that)
    2. in case of need of the new recruitment process, and hopefully hiring me again (there is always a chance), what would be the steps and timing? First labor certification (6-10 months), then recruitment... ?
    3. does 'special handling' change anything for the process? Is it faster with that?
    4. considering 6-10 months waiting for labor certification, and the recruitment process starting after that, it is possible that the recruitment will be done around the end of my 3rd year of h1b. Does it make any problems? Can the employer apply for extension for me while having labor certification / recruitment in process for my position?