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Move out of US with approved I140

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  • Move out of US with approved I140

    I am an Indian national working in the US. I have an approved i140 under EB1a category but there is at about 1 year before date of filing becomes current and then another 6-8 months for the final action date. So overall, there is a wait of about 2 years before I receive the GC document (assuming all goes well).

    In the meantime, I have a job offer from the Netherlands in the case area in which I have the approved I140.

    My questions:
    1) If I take up the Netherlands job, do I still have an option of coming back to the US based on my current approved I140, say via consular processing? Can someone share the details of the consular processing process? Do I need to have a job offer in my area of research while applying through consular processing?
    2) I know that if I stay in the US still the date of filing becomes current, I can apply for adjustment of status (i485) for myself as well as my wife. If I exit the US now and opt for consular processing later on, can I also add my wife to the consular application? She will move to Netherlands with me, if I choose to.

    Any general advice on the pros and cons of moving out of the US in my situation?

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    I am in the same pickle, my I-140 would soon get approved but I-485 might not get filed (before my last extension expires) due to retrogression. Did you get any information from other sources?