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I-485 under extensive review

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  • I-485 under extensive review

    I am a NYC based EB2 applicant, I filed the I-485 in June 2017, which is out of normal processing dates. I had my interview in December 2017. I have filed a service inquiry which I never got a response to. I also asked my congressman for help and his inquiry got the following response:

    "Please be advised that the applicant’s I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status is under extensive review. The adjudication of the I-485 cannot be completed until all the documentation, checks and information have been properly assessed and cleared....."

    Anyone in a similar situation? How long would this take, its been 18+ months since the interview.

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    Wow that's brutal. I feel sorry for you.
    My recommendation would be to contact the ombudsman office https://www.dhs.gov/case-assistance you can fill up a form https://cisomb.dhs.gov/oca/form7001.aspx and they are normally the "almost" last resource to get your case moving.
    I said almost because there's one last resource you can use. Some lawyers mention you can file a lawsuit against USCIS to force them make a decission going to court. Normally USCIS makes a decision prior to the trial. Good article about this here: https://www.floridaimmigrationlawyer...king-too-long/

    good luck

    EB2 - National Benefits Center (I-485/I-765/I-131)
    PD: 10/19/2018
    Biometrics NOA: 11/09/2018
    Biometrics Appt: 11/26/2018
    Fingerprint Review Completed: 11/28/2018 and again on 12/05/2018
    Combo card (I-765/I-131) approved: 05/03/2019
    Combo card (I-765/I-131) received: 05/10/2019