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Got Offered a Position in the US. What to do? - EB-3 Visa Eligibility

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  • Got Offered a Position in the US. What to do? - EB-3 Visa Eligibility

    Looking for some advice on EB-3 eligibility.

    I have been working with a business owner in Texas for the past 2 years remotely from London, UK. I met him when I was interning in the US as a receptionist and we build a very strong business relationship ever since then. At the time, he offered me a visa and we applied, however things didn’t work out in terms of immigration. at the time.

    Today, he offered to sponsor me again as he has been thinking a lot about what he can do to employ me. A little bit of background of the work I have been doing for him as a freelancer:


    · Web-development

    · Email Marketing

    · Social Media

    · Podcast Editing & Publishing

    · Marketing Consultations

    Wage: 30$ an hour, and I work for about 20 hours a week on my weekends and overall I accumulated a substantial income from the work we have done. It’s also completely verified as I have been issuing him with monthly invoices and also file for taxes each year in the UK.

    In terms of immigration to the US as I have already done this twice with 2 different visas, what do you think are the options to move there permanently by starting with a temporary visa after the current situation eases in the US?