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GC timeline for L-1A visa on EB1C

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  • GC timeline for L-1A visa on EB1C

    Hello All,

    My employer offered me a role in US and processed my L1-A individual visa in Feb which I got approved and stamped in India. I wanted to understand the overall timeline for GC. My employer mentioned that they would take up applications for GC after completing 1 yr at the firm.

    1) Considering my visa would be active for 7 yrs starting 2021, just wanted to understand from experienced folks on the group on the current timeline?

    2) Can we switch jobs after 1-140 approval if 485 is filed together?

    3) How soon would one suggest to start the process?

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    1) Check this link for month on month status for filing (when you can file the I 485 after I 140) and the final action (decision). As long as it stays "C" (Current), it means you can concurrently file and you get a decision immediately. Nobody can predict how this will move (for eg., couple of years back, it just retrograded by 2 years overnight. So keep watching the bulletin.


    2) Technically once your I 140 is approved, the rules allow you to change jobs after 6 months. But consult your attorney to see how USCIS will perceive... keep in mind that your employment based green card is predicated on a specific role with a sponsoring firm.

    3) You can start your GC process the day you land in US if you are in L1A as long as you meet the criteria for a "Manager" through your experience (in US or India). Depends on how fast your employer is willing to go through the process. Consult your firm's immigration team.


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      This is quite old topic but I wonder if anyone has any new experience with how early it is good to start the process (point #3 above) and whether there is any sensible time that it is better to spend on L1A before kicking off the way to the Green Card?

      Also, a more generic question in this topic to those who went through L-1A into EB1C/GC - how long did the overall process take for you in practice?
      I am familiar with the rules and steps, but I wonder how it looked like in practice as it comes to the time.

      Thank you in advance for sharing your experience!