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GC application stuck at USCIS

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  • GC application stuck at USCIS

    My priority date for I-485 (EB2 category) is 03 Aug 2009. My priority date became current in Sept 2020; however, USCIS has not taken any decision on my case yet. I even have not received RFE for my I-693. I contacted USCIS multiple times myself and through local senators/congressman also. But still no progress on my case.

    My EAD also expired in Aug 2021. I filed for EAD/advanced parole renewal in Mar2021. But no action on my EAD either. I submitted request to expedite my EAD and provided supporting documents showing need of continuous medical insurance my son due to his medical condition, and thus, need of keeping my job (my insurance is thr' my employer). But USCIS rejected it. If I don't get EAD/GC by 02/2022, I will lose my job and, thus medical insurance. I also filed for I-131 expedited request as father underwent heart surgery, but they rejected it also despite submitting all medical documents of my father.

    What are my options to make sure I get EAD on time (hopefully a combo card) so that I won't lose my job.

    Look forward to you suggestions. Thank you.