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  • GC for spouse in Canada


    I am working in US and my PD is in Sept 2006. My fiance works in Canada and we are getting married in May this year. It seems like there is a high chance that my PD may become current this year.

    In order to get my fiance in the US the fastest way, we were thinking of following this approach:

    1) Get him on H4 after the wedding. He will get his H4 stamped in Canada.

    2) Once my PD becomes current he will enter US on H4 and I will add him as a dependent on my GC application.

    I had a few questions:

    1) Do you guys see any issues with stamping the H4 in Canada instead of India?

    2) Does he have to continue to be in US physically after adding him to my GC application, in order to get his EAD and AP, or can he go back to Canada (as he works there) immediately after getting the Notice of Receipt of his GC application?

    3) Will his Canadian residency affect his US residency application? He expects his Canadian PR will come through in March or April of this year.

    Thanks in advance!