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  • Green Card Process

    Hi to all,

    This is the best forum I have ever seen, I took lot off suggestions and advices for my H1b which is approved last year and it is valid for Sep2013.I am working for a company with out any mediators.Our lawyer is said I can file GC process.I read all the information about green card process. It looks like there are mainly three steps.My back ground is I had MBA in IT from US university.Could you please answer my questions that will be really helpful to my forward.

    1)I had B.Tech in India and Masters from U.S. I wondered under which category I will be in like EB2 or EB3?
    2) Is it a good idea to apply green card while I was in 1st year or 2nd year of H1b?
    3)What will be the lawyer fees on an average for the green card process?

    So please clarify my concerns, I will be really appreciated. Once again thanks to this website for advising and helping lot off students, H1b visa holders and green card holders.

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    1. You are eligible for EB2 as long as your future job also requires the minimum criteria of EB2.
    2. You should apply as soon as possible. There is no reason to wait even for a single day.
    3. That really varies. But around $5,000 to $10,000.
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      Green Card Process

      Thanks alot for your valuable information, I really appreciated. I want to start the process by myself with out having an attorney, follow some rules, guidelines and articles. What do u say is it a good Idea,because here attorney is asking almost $10K ...Can u please provide me suggestion,thank you so much.


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        EB2 master eligibility

        Hi Ron:
        This is the best forum I have found for immigration information .

        My current employer is applying for green card

        My employer has indicated that my current position requires a Master degree and 5 years of relevant experience OR PHD degree with 3 years of relevant experience with a specific skills set.

        I have a Masters degree from a US University. My question is do I now have to prove 5 yrs experience also along with having MS degree ?

        Please advice.