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PERM Audit .. please Suggest

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  • PERM Audit .. please Suggest

    My PD Date: 7th June 2011
    Category: EB2
    Audit: Yes - Aug 22nd 2011 - will reply to the Audit as soon as possible

    Reason for Audit - Documentation regarding Recruitment Process, Reasons for U.S. Workers rejection.

    Hi As you can see that my case got an audit due to above reason can some one please help me in few questions i have :

    1) Is that a big deal to get a Audit like this or is it normal.
    2) As per my Employer i should not panic but i feel like some thing was not done right.
    3) He said the process was done properly and we did not receive a single resume for the position posted so should not be a big deal and attorney should be able to handle.. is that correct what he is saying ??
    4) How long do i have to wait to get the Labor as per employer he said now instead for 3 months it will take 6 months to get the Labor please suggest is that true
    5) Do you suggest to change the employer and file a new application
    6) with new application will it be a prob i mean to ask is will they Audit again as i was audited earlier.

    Please suggest i am in great tension and not sure what to do .

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Please Suggest PERM Audit

    Hello Senior Members,

    Please suggest something...

    Thanks in Advance


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      Can some one please reply....