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Still on H1B, Never used EAD, can i switch jobs(employers) on EAD

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  • Still on H1B, Never used EAD, can i switch jobs(employers) on EAD

    I'm with Company A, Filed my Green Card with Company A on EB3 but i'm still on H1B because i'm with the same employer past 10 yrs.
    Now i'm planning to move to Company B, they will do my Green card on EB2 this time but only issue is I was never on EAD(although i have EAD card) never used it so i didn't file I-9 form with Company A.
    1. What should i do, if i want to work for Company B. OR
    2. I can't work for Company B??

    Let me know the steps i need to take.

    PD: 03/2003
    H1B: Expires on 06/2012.
    Working with same employer since 2001.


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    As long as you filed your I-485 more than 6 months ago, you can join your new employer and continue your green card process under AC-21.

    You can use your EAD to immediately join new employer. It does not matter that you have previously not used your EAD.
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      Dear immihelp:

      Can you please explain how this getting GC through AC-21 works. Say a person is changing his employer after EAD,after ehich how to get the GREENCARD.How much time does it take to get the GREENCARD after changing the employer.....

      pls expalin the process...