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Green Card Process and Marriage

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  • Green Card Process and Marriage

    I am working here in the US on an H1-b and my labor certification just got approved. I am about to file the I-140. I am getting married at the end of the year (my fiance is not a US citizen and she is currently abroad). The problem lies in that she won't be coming to the US until July of next year. I am going to get her an H-4 visa so that she could come in July.
    Should I wait until she comes in July to file the I-485 together? I am afraid that if the I-140 gets approved and I file the I-485 before she gets here and for some miracle I get the green card before July, the H-4 visa will be void and she won't be able to come in.
    Another option would be to file the I-485 and an I-824 for her to go to consular processing. Does anyone have any experience with this? What happens if I get the green card before she does? What happens to her H-4 visa if I file the I-824?
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I think the most logical thing to do is wait, but I am eager to have the green card process done.
    Thanks a lot...

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    As long as you get married before your green card (that is I-485) gets approved, it is possible for you to bring her here, either through H4 first then file I-485, or consular processing on following to join basis.
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