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H1 beyond 6 yr confusion

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  • H1 beyond 6 yr confusion

    V complicated situation
    My 6 yr on H1 will be over in July 2012. My current employer A has applied for LCA in October. I am from India and our priority dates are not current. Now a new company B has acquired my Company A and are expecting us to move to another State. They will apply for I- 140 as soon as we get LC but in the meantime can I move to another State? Do we have to restart the process even if the name of the company is same?

    Suppose they apply for I-140 and we get it approved then can I move or should they file for extension of H1 before I move?? I am confused please help

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    You may have to start your green card again.

    It is not possible for us to know the exact circumstances of such acquisition. It would be the best to talk the immigration attorney of your company who is familiar with your company's situation.
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