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fifth year of L1B - filing GC

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  • fifth year of L1B - filing GC


    Please help me with below situation

    My employer is ready to file for my GC in my 5th year of L1B. The procedure is not yet started. last day of my L1B is Nov 1st 2012.

    Qualification: Bachelor of Engineering.
    Experience: Total 6 yrs fo exp

    1. Which category I will fall in? EB2 or EB3
    2. Is there any issue to file in last 11 months of visa expiry?
    3. Can I travel (short term in emrgencies) to India if needed when my PERM is in process or after Nov 2012? So does L1 gets renewed after Nov 2012 or I have to wait till Advance parole?
    4. What all are very important things I need to follow for smooth filing?

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    What is more important is what does your job require? The qualifications of EB2 or EB3?

    How much of that 6 years experience is with the current company?
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      5.5 years with current company. But this GC is in regards to new project not my current project.