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Required processing Time by CEAC to approve / add a derivative family member?

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  • Required processing Time by CEAC to approve / add a derivative family member?

    What is the normal processing time required by CEAC to approve a derivative family members? I have added my family members about 4 weeks ago and still status is “Under Review” for each member. Please advise?


    Whereas this is from online CEAC FAQs Section - How do I add a derivative family member to my case?
    “... However, it will take approximately one hour after adding a family member before the option to pay the Immigrant Visa Application Fee is active. ...”

    Please let me know if this is a normally behavior and I don’t mind waiting for family members to be APPROVED OR this is a system error?
    Appreciate you time and help.

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    Hello Jamesakk

    I am also in the same boat i am waiting for one week. what happened to your processing how long it took.


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      Hello ijaz513 & jamesakk,

      My Aunt has filed for F4 for my Mother staying in India in Oct 2005 and our case got approved in March 2009 on USCIS website but now My sister is 24.5 years (Aug 1995 born) and me 29.5 years (Dec 1990 born) and also from 2013 i am staying in Newzealand till now march 2020 but wants to stay with my family and i am unmarried as well and soon in 2 or 3 months we are expecting our priority date to be available so is there any chances that we able to go along with parents or is CSPA applies to us on this condition or is there chances we can do something before we our priority date gets available as one f my friend told us to file DS260 form as that will help you guys.

      Can you please share your valuable experience as you have gone through the same situation.



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        In General, CSPA works like this:
        - age when the PD became current = Age
        - the time it took for case approval = Time (3 years 5 months)
        - subtract Time from Age, if less than 21 years CSPA can work

        because your ages are more than 24 years 5 months and the PD is not current yet, I don't think CSPA will apply to you. I hope I'm wrong. Good luck.
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