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Parents Green Card (Interview in Mumbai 2019) ?

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  • Parents Green Card (Interview in Mumbai 2019) ?

    I am a US citizen and filed for green card for my mother.

    I had filed IR5 for my mom and all papers were received by NVC and approved on May 23, 2019. No update after that from NVC.
    Every time I contact NVC, I am told that they are waiting to hear back from consulate in Mumbai.

    How long is it taking for interview appointments in Mumbai?

    Has anyone else received the interview appointment after submitting papers to NVC in 2019?
    if yes, can you please also post, when were the papers received by NVC; When did you hear about interview appointment; and what was the interview date?

    Thank you

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    My parents are waiting for a greencard interview appointment in Mumbai consulate. Their documents got approved by NVC on September 9th 2019. Any updates in your case? Would appreciate if you can share if there is an update in your case.


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      My parents documents were also accepted in August and waiting for an interview letter. Emails to NVC tell me nothing. It’s more than 90 days now. Please share if anyone does get an interview letter from Mumbai. This is really frustrating.


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        Any updates, iam also in same boat for my parent waiting on interview date from Mumbai.