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Traveling with a pending i130 on F1 visa

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  • Traveling with a pending i130 on F1 visa

    I am married to a US citizen and have a pending i130. I am currently in the US and plan to travel with my wife over Christmas and come back. I didn't apply for i485 and travel document because I didn't have sufficient tax returns for the affidavit of support and I didn't expect to have enough time to be issued i131. Now, it sounds dumb that I applied for i130. According to online sources, it is difficult to gain admission into the US if you have a pending i130 but all of them talk about B1/2 visa and about someone who started the process outside the US. I don't care about immigration currently as much as I care about completing my degree.
    If I leave and try to reenter the US, it will be my 5th entry to the US. Some sources said having prior admissions to US can support your case that I am not try to bypass green card process which I don't intend to bypass.

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    If you care the most about completing your degree, I would not risk being denied re-entry to the US by traveling for Christmas until you have filed your AOS package and have the AP in hand.
    Canadian on F-1 married to USC (SSM)
    Field office: Manhattan/NYC

    09/21/2019: Delivered to Chicago
    09/25/2019: Fees charged
    09/30/2019: Case received
    10/04/2019: Biometrics appt received
    10/15/2019: Fingerprints taken
    10/16/2019: Fingerprint review complete
    11/14/2019: Ready to be scheduled