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When to pay NVC fees

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  • When to pay NVC fees

    Im filling for 3 children, 2 of the cases has been approved and sent to NVC. Do I wait until all 3 are at NVC before paying the fees or can I do them one by one?
    3/21/18 - file (I-765, I-485, I-130) received by NBC
    4/2/18 - Received 3 receipts for 3 cases
    4/2/18 - Received biometrics appointment
    4/27/18 - biometrics complete
    7/6/18 - I-485 Ready to be scheduled for interview
    8/10/18 - EAD in Production
    8/13/18 - "We approved your case" I765
    8/16/18 - We mailed your card to you

    Field office NYC