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I130 Application for Sibling's Green Card

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  • I130 Application for Sibling's Green Card

    I am a US citizen through naturalization. I am working on an online I130 application to apply for my sibling's green card who is residing in my home country. We have the same biological parents.

    However, my father's official documents have his last name in multiple formats, and it is not an issue to do so in my home country Nepal. His last name consists of two words. Example "LastName_Word1 LastName_Word2".

    Example of varied names used by my father in his official documents.
    - <Firstname> <Lastname_Word1> (Format_1)
    - <Firstname> <Middlename> <Lastname_Word1> (Format_2)
    - <Firstname> <Middlename> <Lastname_Word1 Lastname_Word2> (Format_3)
    - <Firstname> <Lastname_Word1> (Format_4)​

    Both me and my sibling have an original and translated birth certificates. However, there is a variation in my father's last name in my sibling version and mine.

    The table below depicts the forma of my father's name in various of our documents.
    Certificates Mine Siblings Other
    Birth Certificate Format_1 Format_3
    Family Relationship Certificate Format_3 Format_3
    Passport Format_3 Format_3
    School Certificates Format_1 Format_1
    Father Mother Marriage Certificate Format_2
    I am thinking of submitting a secondary evidence as
    - Family Relationship Certificate that includes all our family with the official full name of father.
    - My sibling's school certificate where my father name is the same as in my birth certificate
    - Any other documents that has the same format in mine and my sibling's document

    I have also read online that it would be good to submit two affidavit of supports from my parents to describe the variation in names. Is that correct? Can someone please help me in sending an example format?

    What other documents would be good to include to support my case? Do you think I should correct the name on my birth certificate in my home country? Or just supplying secondary evidence is sufficient?

    Thanks in advance.