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H4 Employment with approved I140 on the spouse H1

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  • H4 Employment with approved I140 on the spouse H1

    Hello People,

    I have a question regarding the 140 PD porting new reform for H4 employment permit. My 140 got approved from an employer "A" and I have to a different employer "B" 1 year back and they started my GC process. Recently I came to know that my previous employer "A" withdrew the 140 petition. Now am concerned that if I would be able to port the priority date, I have done some search online and found that unless 140 is revoked for fraud or misrepresentation the PD can be ported. So I'm assuming my PD can be ported right ? Also I wanted to know if my spouse can the get the work permit under below mentioned law.


    Experts please pitch in and provide your valuable feedback.