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How long is the approved I-140 Immigrant Petition valid for?

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  • How long is the approved I-140 Immigrant Petition valid for?

    I started applying for the EB-1 Greencard through consular processing and in July 2014 my I-140 Immigrant Petition was approved.

    However, the case at the NVC took longer than expected and my interview in my home country (Australia) was not scheduled before my visa expired.

    Hence, I applied for an O-1 visa in order to stay in the US. This is valid for another 2.5 years.

    After receiving my new visa, the NVC gave me an interview appointment date that did not give me enough time to plan a trip back home and make necessary arrangements/biometrics etc. Hence, I emailed to cancel the appointment and reschedule.

    With work and other commitments it's looking difficult to make the trip back this year and I am wondering how long I can wait to reschedule the appointment - is there a limit on the validity of my application?

    I.e - my O-1 is valid for another 2.5 years and if I can finish my greencard application towards the end of my O-1 (say 1.5 years from now to be safe) is that an option?