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H1B Transfer with Previous employer I140

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  • H1B Transfer with Previous employer I140


    I have my I140 approved by my previous employer company A, I have got an offer from Company B. Company B is ready to do GC within 3 months.
    Company A visa is valid till Sep 2017, Company B has applied for H1B Transfer.I have already completed 6 years and on my 7th year currently. My passport is getting expired by August 2017. In this scenario

    1. Will my H1B transfer get approved until my passport valid date or for 3 years?
    2. If my H1B transfer is approved till my passport validity i.e Aug 2017, Will I be able to apply for extension after that using Company A I140 (Just in case if CompanyB Perm is under process)

    Please share your thoughts and experiences