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Changing pending I140 to premium when laid off

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  • Changing pending I140 to premium when laid off

    Hi ,

    I was laid off and my last date in company would be August 11, 2017.
    My I140 was filed in OCT 2016, and is still pending.

    I am on 4th year of H1B and it expires in Sep,2019?

    What are my options?

    1. As I am still on company's payroll , can i ask the company immigration team to change the I140 application to premium.
    - If company agrees to file for premium and i get it approved and then how the next employer can make use of approved I140 and my two years of left H1B.
    - If Company does not agree, and i get job with another employer and they file file H1B , will that H1B be for 2 years only , or i have to go back to india to get a new stamp.

    Thanks a lot for answering these questions.