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H1b Transfer approved for 1 year with approved 140

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  • H1b Transfer approved for 1 year with approved 140

    Hi My current situation is I have my 140 approved for more than 180 days and renewed my visa based on 140 received h1b extension for 3 years until 2020 May.
    My 6 years h1 will be done by oct 2017.
    I have recently applied for h1b transfer and received h1b upto 2018 june for a perioed of 1 year.
    My questions:
    1. Can I use my previous employer 140 to extend beyond june 2018 or does the new employer need to get Labor and 140 filed before june 2018 which I don't think they would do before 1 year of employment.
    2. I haven't joined new employer can I continue working for my previous employer.
    3. My wife got my H4 EAD approved after the h1b transfer is approved, it is valid upto 2020 MAY based on my previous employer petition. I do not understand how come USCIS approve based on my previous employer petition after my h1b transfer is approved. I am in a dilemma what would happen to my wife H4EAD if I choose to change to new employer, would it be valid.
    Please respond this is a urgent situation, I need to make a decisson ASAP.
    Thank you