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I 140 Change job need to refile PERM?

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  • I 140 Change job need to refile PERM?

    Hi ,

    I have my approved I 140 and crossed 6 years in H1 B visa, I 140 approved with company A(where i currently work), now my I 140 approved more than 1 year now, that this situation, if i move to company B, they will transfer my H. My PD date is 2013, my questions is does refiling PERM/I 140 with company B is mandatory? does company can still do the extension alone right instead of new PERM/I 140 ? When my PD comes closer, if i stay with company B, that time i can start filing my PERM/I 140 ? I believe i can still continue with my current I 140 with company B? Pls correct me if my understanding is wrong.

    Thank you