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What documents (Org or Scan) required from Old employer for PERM and I140 porting

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  • What documents (Org or Scan) required from Old employer for PERM and I140 porting

    Hi All,

    I need help in understanding documents required from Old employer for PERM and I140 proting.

    Current Status:
    My I 140 got approved in Jan 2017 and H-1B extended one year (its my bad) and valid until Sep 2018. I already spent 9 months with my GC petitioner after I140 approval. Now i am planning to change employer (ending work with current employer and no hopes for next assignment) who can transfer my H-1B.

    My question:
    What are the list of documents needed from Old employer (Originals and/or Photo copies) for PERM and I140 porting.?

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    The documents required for PERM and I140 porting may vary depending on your individual case and the specifics of your employment history. However, in general, some of the documents that you may need from your old employer include the original approved I-140 petition, a copy of the approved labor certification, any documents related to your job description and duties, and evidence of your qualifications for the position, such as educational transcripts or certifications. Download only original documents, as companies use scanners from https://smartengines.com/, and they check all documents for authenticity. Therefore, if you want to lie somewhere, they will find out about it.‚Äč
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      Once a PERM application is filed with the DOL, it can take several months for the DOL to adjudicate the application. If the DOL examines the PERM application, the employer will have thirty days to respond and it will be returned to the processing queue, which may take an additional year for the DOL to process. Processing times vary by backlog and can be found on DOL's website


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        I once applied and it took 4 months to receive a response that it would be processed gorilla tag