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I-130. Spouse child illegitimate.

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  • I-130. Spouse child illegitimate.

    My spouse and her child live in the Philippines and I am a US citizen living in USA. We have been married two years and after 4 visits it's time to bring her, and her 7 year old son, Stateside.
    Her son's father is nowhere to be found and is not listed on his birth certificate.
    Question: Is it okay to proceed with "father unknown" on form I-130 ?
    ( she knows the father's name but he's completely out of the picture and would be impossible to track down and there's been no contact with him his entire son's life)
    I don't want to adopt him until he gets to the States because I understand it can be a nightmare to do it in the Philippines.
    I would like to thank you in advance for any responses and for helping us in this matter.

    James S

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    just do a birth certificate to show father's name before you file. The father will not come to the picture since the child will be coming with her mother.
    Also note that when u are filling i-130 form the child will be under her mother as derivative so father's name will not be ask but just make you have a birth certificate that bears his father name though his father can't be found. This is not a legal advice