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Please just let me know how your honest opinion!

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  • Please just let me know how your honest opinion!

    I am new user for this site; please give me a suggestion if you can!
    I just got the approval (from Dep of Labor) to file for I 140. I have my spouse living here under the F1 visa. I am at the point to leave everything and just go back to my country because I am thinking that it will be like five more years until I will get a green card and only after those five years he can file as a spouse. I don't think it worth for him to go for another five years to school just to keep his F1 visa. In the mean time he will not be able to get a job ... My q is what would you do in this situation?
    Please just let me know how your honest opinion!

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    with the delays in green cards, a lot of folks are planning to go back. You arent the only one. its not worth the wait. In my country (India), there are more promising opportunities than here with the added advantage of family and friends.


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      Thank you for your answer

      You know what? I am sick and tired of waiting and since I am here I had to spend a lot of money and at the end are only hopes...
      Beside I am still seen as an emigrant with funny accent. The other day I went to a shop, they were selling car alarm systems. On the line in front of me, there was an immigrant which was an owner of a strip center. After he got served and he left you should listen to all the comments about f immigrants and why they are not packing the s... and go back to their country... Made me sick of my stomach ... I thought this is a country of freedom but you see is just not any kind of respect for aliens.
      I made a comment one day about how hard should be to work on the field (picking veggies or so), because in here there are over 110 degrees F every day. You know what was the answer?
      - It is hard but this is not for a US citizen is for immigrants...
      You know what I am not that poor and also I have a University degree where I am coming from. I can be a big fish in a small pound than a small fish in a big one…
      I came to the conclusion that even if I will have a green card I will only be an employee in here living from pay check to pay check. Why would I choose that when I can open my small business in my country and I will know that people is respecting me? Why should I choose not to see my father for years when I know he is already old and he might die one day thinking of his daughter that he didn’t get to see for so long …?
      Thank you my Indian friend for your advice… Good luck!


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        Its sometimes good to share your thoughts. It eases your mind.