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Company size matters?

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  • Company size matters?

    I have a very basic question:is there a specific amount of workers (or profit) that a company must have in order to apply for a I-140?

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    1 140

    I think so. Check with your laywer I face the problem. We filed. but year we filed compay has show loss in tax. I head about it diffrently .., But my lawyer really refused to filed my 1 140 knowing this kind of loss in tax paper. USCIS will not denied the case they are going to ask more eviedence if you provide the correct papers it is ok.But my laywer keep saying I will be trouble if company does not provide any evidence.., and other thing I can't do any request if they send me a depotation letter. I knew about my company tax.

    Brfore you send any monery chack & check time is very impotant too.. You wait & wait if something goes worng you have to start again.. I am here 10 years still my case is pending.., If you ever know unfortunate people in the world ad me also to that list.
    Keep talking to people find more information GOOOOD luck.