My Labor certification is cleared in dec 2003. Now to apply for I140 & I485, My attorney has mentioned that company had to produce the finanical details during the 2001&2002. Where as during these years company was in down time. Because of this financial position, attorney had mentioned that there would likely chances of I140&I485 being rejected. so company did not file for I140&I485 . Financially company is slight better of.
but attorney has mentioned that present condition does not count.

one solution he suggested was that, refile the taxes by company for 2001&2002 with profit shown. well company does not have that much money to pay for taxes to show a profit for these years.

So I would like to ask friends here in this forum Is there any other solutions to this. So that my company can proceed with filing of I140&I485.

Please let me know with any feasible solutions