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No I-140 Receipt with I-485 Receipt

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    Ah, never mind!

    Apparently, INS at it's discretion can either send the I-140 receipt to the candidate or the employer. That's why one of my colleagues got his I-140 receipt with the I-485 receipt, but I did not.
    On contacting the employer, I discovered that they indeed have the receipt.
    All set... and breathing safer now!

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    Guest started a topic No I-140 Receipt with I-485 Receipt

    No I-140 Receipt with I-485 Receipt

    My lawyers filed my GC papers, which include:
    I-131 and I-765 (AP and EAD, both approved),
    I-140 and I-485
    (I know this coz they sent me a packet which is a copy of all the papers they filed and the fees they paid!)
    When the INS sent me receipts (Notices of Action) they sent me receipts for everything EXCEPT the I-140.
    I was wondering if this is normal... and if so, how come I have a receipt for the I-485, but not for the I-140. What should I do if this is a potential problem?
    Oh, all this had been filed as a concurrent processing case in October 2002!
    Thanks to all who help...