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for krb, gsr1 and immihelp expert, I-140 format !!

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  • for krb, gsr1 and immihelp expert, I-140 format !!

    hello guys,
    I'm in process of filing I-140 EB3. My lawyer sent me the forms and I noticed that those are the old forms and new version of that forms are available at INS site ( main difference among forms is the section 4 is differently formatted for CP). I pointed that out to my attorney but he says that will be ok and I need not worry. My case will be filed with TSC.
    Please help me if I would be ok or it will cause problem at later stages.
    Thannks a lot in advace.

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    My attorney filed with the old form in July ... she got
    the receipt notice within a week of filing and the automated system has been updated ... since I have not been approved yet, I cannot assure you that it works ... but till
    now I have not encountered any problems. Also, my attorney files a large number of cases for my company and she assured me that the old form still works. Hope this helps.


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      Thanks a bunch krb. Its really helpful to know that. Would you mind where did U file ( service center) mine is TCS.


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