Hello all,
My I-140 was approved last Dec. In March, 2000 I filed an I-824 to change to consular processing. By looking at the processing times for California, it seems to me that it's faster now to get an I-140 than to have the I-824 go through (I got my I-140 under the 'outstanding researcher' category). If I reapply for I-140 under the same category (and this time indicating directly consular processing) do I lose my first one?
Another question: I always see three different types of I-824 cases (DivI, DivII, and DivIII). I was told that I am under DivI (the University did the paperwork for both the I-140 and the I-824). Can someone tell me what the 3 divisions (?) exactly are?
As always, any help greatly appreciated.