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Pending I-140 since January 2000 at VSC

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  • Pending I-140 since January 2000 at VSC


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    Sorry Immihelp and all, I forgot to add the text of my message:

    My I-140 Pettion was filed in January 2000 and the INS, upon calling, says the case is pending and does not give a reason. At the same time they also say that they are processing cases received on March 10, 2000.

    If my attorney writes to the INS and asks for the reason for keeping the case pending, Is the INS bound to reply?

    What other mode of inquiry is available? Is it that we have no choice but to wait endlessly for the INS to wake up and decide on the petition?

    My fiends who applied in April, May and June 2000 have got their I-140s approved.

    Thanks in advance for any replies!


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      reg i1-140

      Hi bro, I can understand the frustration of pending ur I-140.. Regarding my I-140 got filed in the last week of April,2000 and got approved in July 25th,2000.. Its surpirsing that ur I-140 is still pending.. Talk to the INS or ur service centre and also to ur lawyer.. My best wishes to you .


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        Pending I-140 since January 2000 at VSC

        If your case is EB1 that is normal however if it is EB2 or EB3 you better get you attorney to raise some hell with them.

        It never takes that long. So better get checking.


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          Thanks to You both for replying! 3 weeks ago my attorney recieved an RFE from INS saying that I do not qualify for EB-2(We applied in EB-2 since I had Bachelor's + 8 years of eperience) and went on to ask under which category do we want to apply.

          My attorney has responded to them since he says the documentation and evidence submitted was perfectly in order for an EB-2 case. The attorney says the INS has made a mistake and will approve an EB-2 I-140 in about 4 weeks time.

          My question: Has anyone any Idea about the time it takes the INS to take a decision once a response to an RFE is recieved by them?

          Recently I also learnt that INS has been sending RFE's to a lot of guys even though all documentation was perfect the very first time.

          Thanks a lot!!