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URGENT : When is I140 stage considered complete

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  • URGENT : When is I140 stage considered complete


    This is my scenario

    1. I work with Company A on H1B
    2. My Labor is cleared in mid Jan 2001 (RIR, EB2, rec date dec 2000)
    3. My I 140 was filed in the first week of Feb 2001
    4. My company A is not doing financially well and there are rumours that they may go out of business in March.
    5. What will be my I140 status? If i join company B in the 3-4 weeks with a H1 transfer, can i use the priority dates of Company A?
    6. Inspite of the fact that my I 140 was filed and in process, can i take advantage of the old priority dates with my new green card processing with company B
    7. When is I140 considered completed - the time u file for it or when it is actually approved. What happens if the status changes midway?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    1. Time actually approved is when your i-140 is done.

    2. INS may not know you changed your jobs and so might approve your i-140. In that case you can keep your old PD for filing 485 with the new company (you still have to do labor and i-140).