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What do I get if I-140 is approved?

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  • What do I get if I-140 is approved?

    After I-140 is approved, what exactly do I get from where?
    As far as I know, I'll get the approval notice that is, I-797. If so, what about the original or copy of THE REAL APPROVAL PAPER? I opted for CP at the begining, so is that original approval sent to NVC? And from there, do they send it to Consulate in my country? Then, there is moment when I can get the copy of that REAL APPROVAL PAPER.

    The reason why I'm asking is that the consular people in my country will send the employment letter to my company directly. They will contact the exact address on I-140 approval paper. I just want to know if the address on 1) I-797 and 2) THE REAL APPROVAL PAPER be different for some reason. Oh, never mind, the only one that I need to know is that my company's address on the REAL APPROVAL PAPER which will be sent to consular post in my country.

    To make a long story short, I WANT TO KNOW HOW I CAN GET HOLD OF THE PETITIONER'S ADDRESS MENTIONED ON I-140 ORIGINAL APPROVAL SHEET, NOT THE ONE ON I-797 AFTER INS APPROVES IT. Do I have to call NVC to send me a copy of it, or does INS send copies to my lawyer or my company? Since on NVC website, there is a saying that they'll send the approved petition to consular post in my country, I'm just curious.

    Could anybody teach me how?
    I know I'm asking this stupid question, but I'm alone waiting for I-140 approval next month.

    Thank you all and I appreciate any comments.

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    What is the address on the application? Your lawyer knows that. I doubt I-797 address will be different.