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All Tax returns really required after I-140 stage ?

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  • All Tax returns really required after I-140 stage ?


    I am cross-posting this on I-485 also, as it applies to both
    end of I-140 and beginning of I-485!
    My I-140 is approved as in AVM
    ND Feb 1, but the lawyer is yet to get the approval letter.
    I was thinking that I had the previous 3 years tax returns,
    but I just found out that I cannot locate my 1998 tax return forms. Is it absolutely necessary to have all the 3 years
    federal tax returns for filing I-485.

    Otherwise, Can anybody tell me as to how long it will take
    inorder to get the copy of previous year Tax Return from IRS.
    Form 4506 tells that we can get transcript in 7-10 days
    but the actual tax form copy will rake 2 months.
    I don't want to delay filing for 2 months waiting for one tax return --

    Is it enough to give the Tax Transcript for
    now, i.e. while filing I 485, So that i can give
    the copy of my tax return as soon as i get it.
    OR can I file with just 2 past year tax returns ? I don’t know
    If my lawyer will accept that…

    any advice appreciated.

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    Tax returns are NOT required for I-485.
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