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I-140 pending, wants to travel to US as tourist

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  • I-140 pending, wants to travel to US as tourist

    I have a friend whose wife has a pending I-140 (she's a nurse) and he wanted to know if her wife can travel to the US as a tourist while her I-140 is pending. I can't find this topic in here so if anybody has something to share, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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    I did and had no problem at all. As a UK national I just complated the visa waiver as usual.


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      follow-up to that question

      Thanks Pennylane for your answer. Apparently my friend intends for his wife to go to the US and get the process done there which I think will invalidate the pending I-140. Did you do it this way or did you just visit and went back to the UK?


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        I remained in the UK when the hospital sponsoring me submitted the petition, any documents I had to sign were couriered over to me and returned the same way. Your friends wife doesn't need to be in the US for the petition to be filed. I assume she has found someone willing to sponsor her and she isn't going over to look for employment? If the latter is the case it may backfire, as one of the questions on the visa waiver asks if you are visiting the US to look for employment. I suspect if the answer was yes she would be subjected to a grilling from the immigration officers in the US.