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EB1A eligibility

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  • EB1A eligibility

    I am in the process of applying for my green card and want to know if I am qualified for EB1A. Below are few highlight of my credencials

    1. PhD in Civil Eng. from US University, research focus on climate change related impacts on hydrology (water resources).
    2. 5 Peer reviewed published papers (3 as first author and 2 as coauthoers), One additional paper is under review.
    3. About 10 citations of my work.
    4. Registered Professional Engineer (PE).
    5. Can get recommandation letters from few top scientists.
    6. A model developed by me is currently used by USDA for climate data processing. Also many of my research projects were funded by USDA, NSF and many other agencies.
    7. More than 15 presentations.
    8. Reviewer of a top notch journal in the field. Also served as a session chair in an international conference.
    9. Few recognitions for acedemic excellance from Universities.

    What do you think guys? Do I have a decent chance of getting EB1A.

    Thanks in advance for all the replies.