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Job change during GC processing?

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  • Job change during GC processing?

    Hi ,

    My case is in LC process in EB3 catagory.
    At what point in time I can change the job and still continue the GC process?
    After LC approval? or after filing I-140? or after I-140 approval? or after filing I485?

    My spouse is on dependent visa H4 and her GC is also in process.
    At what point in time my spouse will be able to work?


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    You should wait until your I-140 is approval and I-485 was pending more than 6 months. If you change your job before that………… :-( (You should start you GC over again begin at LC process at State level).



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      What if I do consular processing instead of I485?


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        Same thing. Just because your LC is not valid. You won’t get I-140 be approved. Therefore you not able to file either I-485 or consular processing.

        Have you read explanation portability rule of AC21 INS law that explained by William Yate (Director of INS in Washington DC).

        For AC21 portability rule, you can do you search through internet.


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          You should read portability rule of AC21 (Memo explained by William Yate) before you want to do further action! Who does or who does not qualify for AC21 portability rule.

          Since most of immigration office pretty much follows William Yate memo.

          In your case, I don’t think portability rule of AC21 is applicable to you!

          (Note: This is not a legal advice and use it at your own risk)