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query on EB-1-OR ?

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  • query on EB-1-OR ?

    I would like to know more about the EB-1b chances

    Here is my information

    I'm in experimental nuclear/particle physics

    1) I have about 20 papers as co-authors. In this field, we usually do not have the main author since it is a colloboration work.
    2) I have been to APS physics meeting to present talks and posters. I have been invited to other university physics depts for invited seminar( I dont have much proof now since it was a few years ago). I have also presented at our colloboration meetings

    all of this gave a total of 20 talks/posters/ in meetings/seminar/colloboration/meeting

    3) I can get about 7 to 10 letter of references

    4) I have about 6 years of postdoctoral research experience

    for "Published Material about the Person"

    They are reviews journals about the work as a colloboration but not individuals they talk about our experiments results as a group and not me. This is true for most high energy physics.

    5)for "Original scientific, scholarly, or artistic contributions in the field"
    I wont got my phd without this.

    6) I got an offer for a visiting assisting professor position which in three years time will be converted to a tenure-track position. That university is willing to sponsor me.

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    Why EB1? Why don't you try for NIW??