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What are the options, in lieu of experience letter.

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  • sparemejava
    Can somebody share your experiences and advise me here.

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  • What are the options, in lieu of experience letter.

    Hi All,

    I have a question on the experience letters needed for I140 processing and the alternatives allowed, in case experience letter is not feasible.

    A little back ground, I used to work for a company A from 2003 to 2007 (2005 to 2007 at onsite) and resigned the company A and moved to a new company B. In 2009, I resigned company B and joined my current employer company C, who has started my GC processing and PERM is under progress. My employer advised me to get the experience letters from my previous employers. Though I have the experience letter from Company B, I do not have one with Company A. I tried to contact that company and they are not keen in providing. My employer told that, in case experience letter is not possible, if any of my previous managers could write down on a plain paper detailing his relationship with me, my responsibilities etc while I was working for that company, it would be sufficient.

    But I also heard that an affidavit is needed from previous managers or employers if experience letter is not feasible and I contacted my previous manager and he is willing to give the affidavit. But should this be notarized.

    What would be the odds against me, if I provide an affidavit instead of experience letter? Would I be inviting any risks of being rejected due to the submission of affidavit, instead of experience letter.

    What are the options I do have here ?