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Refiling 140 with same labor

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  • Refiling 140 with same labor

    My case.

    Labor certification has following details:
    H.4 min.req-"Bachelors", H.8 alter combination-"No". H.14-Will accept single degree or any combination of degrees, diplomas or professional credentials determined to be equivalent by a reliable evaluation service as equivalent of a Bachelor's degree.Will accept functional equivalent Bachelor's degree by taking into account and reasonable combination of education,training and experience for the position offered.Will accept any single source degree or combination of degree(s).Will accept 3 or 4 year degree or diploma as equivalent to a U.S. Bachelor's degree.

    My qual - 12 + 3 yrs dip + AMIE + 6mths post grad dip.

    I140 opted EB3-Professional got denied reason - does not have bachelor's degree. Applied new I140, same labor, opted EB3-Skilled worker.

    Will it be approved based upon the above labor choices and H.14 (specific skills or other requirements) language?