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Is Mumbai consulate scheduling interviews for IR5 (Parent of a U.S. citizen)

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  • Priority Date: Sept 2018,
    DQ Jan 2020.

    2021 April Interview cancelled due to covid. No email for IV from Mumbai. They say to check slot regularly under expedite IV. No slot available, checking for 60 days.
    No 60 day notice received. Police Clearance approaching 1 year.
    Anybody know how to get a slot? or even when to check?


    • Hi,

      I am new here. This is very helpful to learn how the process is working.

      My Mom's DQ : August 2021, looking at all the responses it appears that it will take a long time. But was wondering that now that the Mumbai Consulate has opened up for processing. Any inputs on how many cases they approve per month ?

      The delay appears to be on account of COVID, so how long before they process at a regular rate.


      • runin2us, So far no updates...


        • Any one have interview Email received DQ March Or april 2020 ? Kindly confirm ????


          • Originally posted by Harinder dhindsa View Post
            Any one have interview Email received DQ March Or april 2020 ? Kindly confirm ????
            April 2020 DQ. The case is still at NVC. No progress.


            • Finally, happy to share some news:
              DQ date of March 16, 2020.
              We received an email from NVC today Oct 11, 2021 with an interview appointment for Nov 18, 2021 in Mumbai.
              This was a fresh/1st time interview and NOT an interview that cancelled. The case just moved from NVC to the Mumbai consulate.
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              • m_ash

                Our best wishes with you

                one Question is this fresh interview or cancelled before ??

                waiting for your reply


                • Harinder, this was a fresh 1st time interview. We never had an interview date prior to this that was cancelled.
                  The case just moved from NVC to Mumbai Consulate.
                  All the best with your case.


                  • I am also waiting for visa interview for my parents under IR-5 Category
                    Priority Date : Aug 2020
                    DQ Date : Apr 2021


                    • atinpatel you have to wait so long .Because my parents DQ date is april 2020. Yet not received any mail